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‘Gone Girl’ Trailer: All the Pieces are Set

Over the weekend I saw the full-length trailer for David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s novel Gone Girl, and I’m very interested in seeing how the film manages to tell the intriguing story of Nick and Amy Dunne. Novels and films are completely different mediums so an entirely faithful adaption is not always the best way to translate the same story. However, based on the new trailer, several key moments from the novel have made it to the big screen including the anniversary treasure hunt and several pages from Amy’s diary.

Flynn’s Gone Girl is an engrossing, page-turning novel that keeps readers questioning the motives of the major characters as well as the truth behind Amy’s disappearance. Entries from Amy’s diary allow us to see their courtship and marriage entirely from her point of view, while alternating chapters set in the present let us deal with Amy’s disappearance all through the eyes of her husband Nick. It’s a clever narrative device that allows for the development of two main characters while also moving the plot forward towards finding out what happened to Amy.

The movie trailer focuses primarily on Nick (played by Ben Affleck) as he deals with investigators and the media who want answers regarding Amy’s whereabouts. A voice-over by Amy (played by Rosamund Pike) reads diary entries which become increasingly tense and frightened. I’m curious to see exactly how the excerpts from Amy’s diary will be revealed and utilized throughout the film. The diary is vital to getting inside of Amy’s mind and of course into discovering the details of a marriage that may be crumbling.

David Fincher is an award-winning director who is no stranger to adapting novels into films. His previous film adaptations include The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and, one of my personal favorites, Fight Club. The tense and dark mystery novel Gone Girl seems like a great match for Fincher’s film narrative style. Gone Girl will be in theaters on October 3rd.

Sources: Gone Girl Movie Poster via Entertainment Weekly and Gone Girl Book Cover via Wikipedia


One comment on “‘Gone Girl’ Trailer: All the Pieces are Set

  1. Raised A Reader
    July 14, 2014

    I saw the trailer over the weekend, and chills shuddered through me. Mainly because I loved the book, and I cannot wait to see how the movie lives up. It looks like it’s going to be great!

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